It’s been less than two months since Schoolhouse Studios (SHS) closed its Abbotsford doors, having occupied an old Steiner school for almost three years.

Alice and Hazel, the Schoolhouse Managing Directors, are working hard to raise funds through a Pozzible campaign in order to renovate the new SHS building in Collingwood.

With an exciting build ahead, they’re opening ‘Expressions of Interest’ to Melbourne’s emerging/mid career artists and small creative businesses.

Painters, architects, printmakers, filmmakers, textile designers, graphic designers, illustrators, performers and writers were amongst the 75 creatives that occupied the previous School House Studios. SassiCapra enjoyed a year and half stint with SHS and believe we wouldn’t have grown and developed as quickly without the affordable space Schoolhouse provided.

The site for SHS may have changed but the community vibe is still strong. Although the beloved basketball court will no longer exist there will be other meeting points including a café, gallery, event space and performance area. Exiting times ahead…