It’s the first time SassiCapra have screen printed t-shirts for a collection. Without a carousel, its a meticulous and time consuming process but the results are worth the effort!

Featured in this post is LaPok’s Wombpok design. It’s a two colour print that we printed in two colourways. One onto white t-shirts and another onto black using opaque binder. All inks are mixed by us using pigments into binder.

Tips for screen printing T’s on a table:

1. Line your t-shirts with paper.
2. Place t-shirts along the table at the same distance from the edge.
3. Secure t-shirts to the table. Don’t staple the fabric as this will leave holes. Use masking tape, gently pulling the shirt taught.
4. If you don’t have a rail, use a block – a piece of wood or brick, to make sure your printing in the correct position.
5. Always test your design on a spare t-shirt or a piece of fabric before printing the final run.

Come and see the final results at the launch of our first collaborative exhibition Thursday 31 October at House of Bricks!

Wednesday 30 October – Sunday 3 November
40 Budd st, Collingwood