We’re pretty excited… The launch of our collaboration is less than a week away and we’re working hard putting the finishing touches on each of the peices.

One of the central pieces for the show is a large quilt that will be used as a backdrop in the exhibition. We’ve worked collaboratively with Sam (La Pok) and his Mum, Vicki of Woolshed Quilting, each bringing different expertise to the final outcome.

The design and composition of the front of the quilt was created by Sam, sketched out at scale on our studio floor. We then translated the sketch into a printed textile, giving us the opportunity to teach Sam some more experimental printing methods, masking and layering hand rendered textures with printed designs.

Bianca then created a basic patchwork and the quilt was then taken to Vicki in East Gippsland for finishing. Vicki is a master quilter! Past president of the Riviera Quilters Vicki runs Woolshed Quilting out of her… you guessed it… Woolshed! She converted the shed into a gorgeous studio with views of the surrounding paddocks and her sheep wandering past! The space also houses her amazing long arm quilting machine that she uses to offer a patchwork finishing service for local and interstate customers.

Vicki and Sam worked together to interpret key elements of his style into a quilted design carefully applying different patterns to different areas of the composition giving it even greater depth and dimension!

Come and see the final result and share a drink with us next Thursday at House of Bricks gallery from 6.30pm.

3O Oct – 4 Nov
House of Bricks
40 Budd St, Collingwood