We’re pretty excited… The launch of our collaboration is less than a week away and we’re working hard putting the finishing touches on each of the peices.

One of the central pieces for the show is a large quilt that will be used as a backdrop in the exhibition. We’ve worked collaboratively with Sam (La Pok) and his Mum, Vicki of Woolshed Quilting, each bringing different expertise to the final outcome.

The design and composition of the front of the quilt was created by Sam, sketched out at scale on our studio floor. We then translated the sketch into a printed textile, giving us the opportunity to teach Sam some more experimental printing methods, masking and layering hand rendered textures with printed designs.

Bianca then created a basic patchwork and the quilt was then taken to Vicki in East Gippsland for finishing. Vicki is a master quilter! Past president of the Riviera Quilters Vicki runs Woolshed Quilting out of her… you guessed it… Woolshed! She converted the shed into a gorgeous studio with views of the surrounding paddocks and her sheep wandering past! The space also houses her amazing long arm quilting machine that she uses to offer a patchwork finishing service for local and interstate customers.

Vicki and Sam worked together to interpret key elements of his style into a quilted design carefully applying different patterns to different areas of the composition giving it even greater depth and dimension!

Come and see the final result and share a drink with us next Thursday at House of Bricks gallery from 6.30pm.

3O Oct – 4 Nov
House of Bricks
40 Budd St, Collingwood


It’s the first time SassiCapra have screen printed t-shirts for a collection. Without a carousel, its a meticulous and time consuming process but the results are worth the effort!

Featured in this post is LaPok’s Wombpok design. It’s a two colour print that we printed in two colourways. One onto white t-shirts and another onto black using opaque binder. All inks are mixed by us using pigments into binder.

Tips for screen printing T’s on a table:

1. Line your t-shirts with paper.
2. Place t-shirts along the table at the same distance from the edge.
3. Secure t-shirts to the table. Don’t staple the fabric as this will leave holes. Use masking tape, gently pulling the shirt taught.
4. If you don’t have a rail, use a block – a piece of wood or brick, to make sure your printing in the correct position.
5. Always test your design on a spare t-shirt or a piece of fabric before printing the final run.

Come and see the final results at the launch of our first collaborative exhibition Thursday 31 October at House of Bricks!

Wednesday 30 October – Sunday 3 November
40 Budd st, Collingwood

SassiCapra and LaPok share; an extreme plant obsession; a saturation of colour; and a multitude of geometric inspired patterns. This common ground is the foundation of the SC-LP collaboration.

“Working with LaPok has removed all the constraints of fashion, allowing our designs to grow into artistic sculptural forms,” said Anna Sassi.

The partnership has inspired the creation of larger than life wombat planter boxes brimming with succulents and cacti and large soft-sculpture rock pillows.

Together they have also dreamt-up bold hand screen-printed leggings, board shorts and t-shirts as well as recycled deck chairs.

LaPok’s sole creator, Sam Steenholdt (Master of Landscape Architecture), has been challenging the urban fabric of Melbourne with plant based street art for several years.

Little Latrobe, Degraves and Bourke Streets have been home to some of his Posca covered cacti and succulent planter boxes.

His resourceful pot plant choices have included a toaster, computer screen, shoes, boom-box, printer and desk.

“My vegetated artworks were created to provide an alternate lens, challenging the idea of where plants can live and how green our city could possibly be”, said Sam.

The general public can take a sneak peak of the printing process as SassiCapra open their studio Saturday 24 August, 10am – 5pm as part of Craft Cubed.

The collaboration range will be launched Thursday 31 October at House of Bricks.

SassiCapra Open Studio: Saturday 24 August, 10am – 5pm
4 Bruswick Place, Fitzroy, VIC 3065

SC-LP Collaboration Exhibition: Wednesday 30 October to Sunday 3 November (launch Thursday 31 October)
House of Bricks, 40 Budd Street, Collingwood, VIC 3066

While researching our 2014 Winter Collection we have become a little obsessed with everything geological.

This obsession has lead us to a very talented Venice born Professor of Petrology, Bernardo Cesare. He explores metamorphism and melting of rocks, mineralogy, and the study of inclusions in minerals.

What drew us to his work was his extensive use of photomicrographs and macrophotographs.

His website Microckscopia  encapsulates the essence of what he is capturing in one sentence “along with an exciting geological history, every piece of rock hides a universe of colors and shapes, that can be disclosed with a microscope and utilising polarised light…”.

While seemingly niche in his practice his photographs are taken with artistic intent and have been published widely.

It’s been less than two months since Schoolhouse Studios (SHS) closed its Abbotsford doors, having occupied an old Steiner school for almost three years.

Alice and Hazel, the Schoolhouse Managing Directors, are working hard to raise funds through a Pozzible campaign in order to renovate the new SHS building in Collingwood.

With an exciting build ahead, they’re opening ‘Expressions of Interest’ to Melbourne’s emerging/mid career artists and small creative businesses.

Painters, architects, printmakers, filmmakers, textile designers, graphic designers, illustrators, performers and writers were amongst the 75 creatives that occupied the previous School House Studios. SassiCapra enjoyed a year and half stint with SHS and believe we wouldn’t have grown and developed as quickly without the affordable space Schoolhouse provided.

The site for SHS may have changed but the community vibe is still strong. Although the beloved basketball court will no longer exist there will be other meeting points including a café, gallery, event space and performance area. Exiting times ahead…

One of our favourite pieces in the Mix Tape exhibition at NGV was a November (above) by Lesley Dumbrell 1982. Which got us thinking.. who is Lesley Dumbrell? Turns out she is a Melbourne painter and still practicing, her work explores geometric abstraction and colour. One piece we particularly liked though was Dumbrell’s Tram 731 painted for the Transporting Arts Scheme in the 80s.. what’s sad about it is that it was last shot in 1993 in tram storage 😦 We reckon someone should get this baby back on the tracks! Would certainly make our peak hour a little brighter!

Never compromising on quality, where possible SassiCapra source local materials eliminating extra transportation and supporting local industry.

Our leggings have been made from 100% Australian (Sydney) made and owned fabric, then hand screen printed and constructed in our Melbourne studio. This season we’ve gone for a heavy weight cotton blend that will keep you toasty and warm on those windy winter days.