The Lovebirds

The SassiCapra Lovebirds collection, includes digitally printed designs specifically created for Simone Page Jones (the award winning Sveta Dobranoch), latest caberet work.

Melbourne Festival Lounge 2011 hosted the world premiere of The Lovebirds, a wild and exotic cabaret wonderland filled with song, dance and a Rio Carnival of colour and energy.

Caged by the cold mediocrity of modern day life, The Lovebirds were too joyous, too delightful for the light of day and were condemned to a life of darkness.

Written and devised by singer, cabaret artist and dancer, Simone Page Jones (the award winning Sveta Dobranoch), this utterly unique show comprises original music played by some of Melbourne’s favourite musicians, including Hue Blanes (Oceans Baroque), Harry Shaw-Reynolds (The Conglomerate), Darcy McNulty (Jelly Tub Rollers) and Jules Pascoe (Clairy Browne & The Bangin’ Rackettes).
Photograph by Leila Koren.

The Lovebirds collection was digitally printed.